Program Highlights

  • The Specially Designed Program For Lifestyle Disorders like: 

                    1) Obesity

                    2) Diabetes Mellitus

                    3) Heart diseas

                    4) Hypertension

  • In This Program We Will Focus On Every Disorder. Assume A Patient Suffering From Obesity Then Our Experts Design A Diet According To Reverse Your Obese Condition And Make Your Weight Loss And Fat Loss
  • If The Patient Is Suffering From Diabetes Mellitus And If It Is Reversible Diabetes You Can Achieve A Health Like A Normal Person So That You Will Not Be Any More Diabetic.
  • If Your Condition Of Diabetes Is Not Reversible Then Diet & Exercise Pattern Will Focus On Sugar Control.
  • In the Case Of  Heart Disorders We Will Focus On Reducing Your Cholesterol Levels.
  • In Case Of Hypertension, We Will Provide Tips For Management Of Stress.

Services Available In This Program

  • Individualized Diet Chart Focusing On Age, Body Type And Disorder Which Patient Is Suffering From.
  • Weekly Follow Up To Resolve All Your Queries
  • Personal Health Coach
  • Stress Management Tips 
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Benefits Of This Program

  • The Severity Of The Disorder Will Be Reduced Than It Was Before.
  • Weight Loss With Fat Loss
  • Stress Management
  • Improvement In Energy Levels And Stamina
  • Improvement In Cholesterol Levels
  • Control Your Blood Glucose Levels
  • Improve Sleep Pattern.
  • Improve Digestive Health.

Program FAQ'S

In This Program We Are Mainly Focus On The Lifestyle Disorder With The Help Of Healthy Diet, Balance Nutrition, Exercise . & We Suggest You Some Healthy Lifestyle Modification Which Will Help You To Reverse Your Medical Condition.

Weight Management Is The Process Of Adapting The Healthy Lifestyle Modification To Maintain A Healthy Body Weight The Basis Of Persons Height Weight & Age.

You Should Be Conscious About Diet . Have More Fruits & Vegetables In Your Diet, Avoid Simple Carbohydrate, High Sodium & Junk Food. Avoid Fasting & Overeating Have More Water.