Understanding The Dynamics of Obesity & Diabetes

    Obesity is defined as an excess accumulation of fat that can affect both the physical and psychosocial health and well-being of a private. Diabetes Mellitus may be a chronic metabolic disease that alters carbohydrates, protein & fat. it’s caused by the absence of insulin formation or defects in insulin uptake. Insulin resistance is …

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Nutritional Guidelines For Hypertension

    Blood pressure is that the force exerted by blood on the walls of the blood vessels. the traditional vital sign is 120(systolic)/80(diastolic) mmHg. The high vital sign is 140/90mmHg. Hypertension if not taken into consideration or fluctuate often it can cause stroke, renal failure, aneurysm, hypertensive retinopathies like blindness. A nutritional approach to …

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